The KRA was created in 1985 with a few local residents of the Community.  Our facility began as a trailer park,  when that closed members of our community didn’t want to see the land sold and apartment buildings built on the site.  They decided to set up a committee and develop it into a sports complex for people in our community and for the children.

Mission Statement

The Keswick Recreation Association was created to provide recreational opportunities for all members of the area communities. Our goal is to ensure safe, accessible activities in a non-threatening environment with hopes of improving community development.

Expansion Plans

Please take a look at our expansion plans to see what we plan on developing in the next few years.


KRA Members

  • Jaclyn Currie - Chair

  • Kim Morgan - Treasurer

  • Evelyn Fidler - Softball Coordinator


  1. Be active

  2. Play, play, play!

  3. Keep children safe

  4. Foster community

  5. Build opportunity