Keswick Recreation Association Softball

Each Summer, the Keswick Recreation Association (KRA) offers softball at the Cally Ann and Morgan Fields.

We are affiliated with Softball New Brunswick and the Learn to Play Program. Three levels of play are offered. Children are placed according to their birthrate. (We follow the school in that the child has to have reached a certain birth date by December 31, special circumstances may be considered.)

Cancellation policy for Softball

We leave the decision to call off practices and games to the discretion of the individual coaches.  Your coach will provide you with their contact before they start practices in June when they introduce themselves.  They will pass on cancellations to me to be posted on the website or will post themselves on the Keswick Ridge Facebook group.  If in doubt please contact your coach.  Weather can change quickly so if in doubt, keep checking.  The usual policy is to call off a practice or game by 3 pm that day.

Upcoming Practices

The coaches will send out introductory letters in June.  Also check us out on our facebook page Keswick Recreation Association


T-Ball Learn to Play Program

Ages 4 to 6

  • Basic introduction to skills through games and mini Legames

  • The T is used for batting

  • All children start at the same level

  • Soft bats and balls are used

  • Gloves optional

  • At the T-Ball level, one parent should accompany player onto the field


Learn to Play Program

Ages 7 and 8

  • Build on Skills learned during T-Ball but if child has no experience that is fine

  • T is used for batting, coaches pitch towards end of summer if child wishes

  • Fielding the ball, positions of play and making plays are introduced.

  • Soft bats or small metal bats are used, balls soft, helmets worn

  • If team is large enough, may play against other teams towards middle of summer


Under 12 softball spring/summer (9 – 12)

  • Build on skills learned previously

  • Competitive play against other teams

  • Coaches pitching and players pitching.

  • Pitching clinics held

  • Hard bats and hard softballs


Good morning!

I wanted to pass along some information for the U12 softball team that the KRA is having this year. This is our first time with a Structured under 12 co-Ed softball team, and we are very excited to be taking on this endeavour!

Over the past few years, our very small team of volunteers have been looking at ways to better serve the needs of summer sports in our community. One opportunity is to provide competitive sports programs where kids can develop their skills and get involved with playing teams from other areas.

So, what does this mean for your kids, this year?

Jonathan Currie and Rick Jenkins will be coaching kids from ages 9-12 (must be 9 before the end of 2019) who are looking for a more in depth experience. They are looking for kids who can and want to commit to a ball team. This team will provide kids the ability to learn about each position, and grow their skill levels. The team will have a spring training program that starts on Sunday May 5th. The indoor practices will be on Sundays at 3pm and Thursdays at 6pm at the Keswick Ridge school and will run until we get out on the fields.

Each practice is 1 hour, and parents are encouraged to drop their kids off and pick them up when the practice is finished.

We are in the process of reaching out to other organizations to set up games for the summer. Our hope is to provide a minimum of 10 games for the kids. Games will either be scheduled on practice times or Friday nights, as much as possible. We will avoid scheduling games on long weekends as we know a lot of parents plan vacations these weekends.

Your child will need ball pants (Grey preferred), and they will likely need a jock or jill. All other equipment, team shirts, hats, etc. Will be provided by the team.

We will set up a parents meeting in June to go over more items that parents may be curious about.

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact the KRA, or myself (Jaclyn Currie).

If you are interested in volunteering to help with managing the team, assisting with equipment, or canteen hours, please also let us know!

Thank you!

Special Needs

We encourage inclusion in our programs. Please indicate on the registration form if your child has a disability that requires special consideration. In some cases a parent or guardian may be required on the field to ensure the safety of the child.


Our coaches are trained and CRC ( Criminal Records Check) approved.

We are always in need of extra coaches, assistants and parent help. We look for coaches who are interested and inspired to teach, and who love having fun! Although it is not mandatory, we will arrange and pay for the first coaching level for anyone interested in becoming a trained coach.


For further information or questions contact: 

Evelyn Fidler: (506) 442 8338